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Heat Pump vs. Central Air Conditioner



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Heat Pump vs. Central Air Conditioner

In North Carolina, some residents wonder whether a heat pump system or a central air conditioner with separate furnace is better suited for their seasonal heating and cooling needs. At Tidewater Heating and Cooling, we install both central air conditioning and heat pumps Wilmington NC, so we understand the pros and cons of both systems.

Here, we break down the advantages and disadvantages for each of these systems so you can make the most informed decision for your home or office.

One Component or Two?

The primary difference between these two systems is that a heat pump consists of one component that both cools the home in the summer and warms it in the winter. A central air conditioner/furnace HVAC system features two primary pieces of equipment, one for cooling and one for heating.

What is the Cooling Difference?

Unlike air conditioners, heat pumps don’t rely on Freon to cool down a home’s interior. A heat pump pulls the heat out of the home’s interior and expels it outside. A central air conditioner, on the other hand, uses compressed Freon gas as a cooling agent in coils over which a fan blows air, dispersing the cooled air through the home. The Freon in the coils absorbs the heat in the home thereby converting it from a gas to an ultra-hot liquid. The liquid is transferred to the coils outside of the house where the heat is dispelled via the condenser unit and the Freon is once again converted to gas where it enters the home again to perform the process all over again until the indoor temperature reaches the programmed setting.

What is the Energy Efficiency of a Heat Pump vs an Air Conditioner?

When used for cooling, heat pumps can be one of the most energy efficient solutions available. Like air conditioners, they are required to have at least a 13 SEER rating, but the warmer your climate is, the higher the SEER rating you will want your heat pump to have.

That said, if you live in an area where it gets very cold in the wintertime, then a heat pump may not be the ideal solution. Or, at the very least, you would want to have a secondary heating system in place for those times when the outdoor temperature drops drastically. The reason is because heat pumps pull any available heat from the outside to warm your home. This means that it pulls heat from the air, the water, and the ground. If the temperature drops below freezing, then it won’t have any available heat to draw from and this can result in a cool indoor temperature.

Cost Comparisonheat pumps Wilmington NC

There are a number of different considerations when it comes to comparing costs between a heat pump and a conventional HVAC system for your home as there are a range of factors that can affect the data, including:

In order to gauge your needs and costs appropriately, you should discuss your options with a professional HVAC technician.

Tidewater Installs Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning Wilmington NC

Tidewater Heating and Cooling installs both central air conditioning and heat pumps Wilmington NC, and we have the experience necessary to help you determine which type of system will most effectively and efficiently heat and cool your home. Once you make your decision, we can install your new system and service it so that your home is comfortable and energy efficient for as long as you own it.

Call Tidewater Heating & Air Conditioning today. We are licensed and insured and we have been a trusted installer of heating and air conditioning in Wilmington for more than 41 years. Just call us today at 910-499-4755 and we’ll help you get the best heating and cooling solution for your home.