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Benefits of Hydronic Heating



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Most new homeowners don’t give their homes’ heating source a second thought. They simply go with the flow and have traditional forced air heating and cooling systems installed in their homes. But, today’s homeowners have heating options that their parents and grandparents didn’t. One such example is hydronic heating. If you’ve never heard of hydronic heating, then this guide from Tidewater Heating Service in Wilmington NC will introduce you to this revolutionary heating concept and the benefits it offers over other heating choices.

What is Hydronic Heat?

Hydronic heat is a unique but highly-efficient heating system that warms the home by circulating hot water through a network that includes underfloor pipes, baseboard heaters, radiators, and other equipment.

The water is heated by a gas boiler and then pushed through a heat exchanger which then pushes the heated water throughout the home via a series of circuits, or zones. The water passes through the home’s heat emitters (radiators, baseboard heaters, etc.) where it heats up the indoor air before returning to the boiler where it repeats the process.

With a hydronic heat system, the hot water produced by the boiler can even be delivered to a home’s traditional water heater, to the home’s in-floor radiant heating system, to a snow melting system, or the hot water can even be used to heat a swimming pool.

Advantages of Hydronic Heat in the Home

Hydronic heat offers several unique advantages over conventional heating applications, including:

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Hydronic heat systems offer homeowners exceptional performance, energy savings, and greater control over their homes’ comfort. And, because this system is such a state-of-the-art heating system, it can even have a positive impact on your home’s market value.

If you’re having a new home built or you need to replace your existing furnace, call Tidewater for heating service Wilmington NC at 910-343-1234. We can go over all of your heating options with you so you can determine whether or not hydronic heat is for you.

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