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Most Common Causes of AC Short Cycling



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If your air conditioner constantly turns on, runs for a few minutes, then turns off for a few minutes, then turns on again, there’s a term for that – short cycling. Short cycling is a major problem because it not only results in exorbitant energy bills, it can even reduce the lifespan of your HVAC system quite dramatically. Bair conditioning wilmington ncut, the biggest problem with short cycling is that it can be caused by a wide range of issues, some more concerning (and expensive to repair) than others. Here are some of the most common causes of AC short cycling from Tidewater Air Conditioning Wilmington NC.

Dirty Air Filter

In order for an air conditioner to operate as efficiently as possible, the air filter needs to be replaced at least every three months (more frequently if you have pets or are highly allergic). In some cases, when the air filter hasn’t been replaced in a long time, the AC system can start short cycling because the lack of air flow has caused the coils to freeze up.

Bad Thermostat

The thermostat is the brains behind your HVAC system and when it decides to go bad, it can cause your system to start acting odd, such as in short cycling. The thermostat’s placement can also be the culprit. The thermostat should be installed in a central location, away from any windows, vents, or intakes that could otherwise affect the thermostat’s readings.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are located outside of the home and if they get dirty, the dirt can prevent them from doing their job, which is to dissipate the heat from the indoor air. When the condenser coils don’t work, it causes the HVAC system to become overtaxed and this will often result in short cycling.

Air Conditioner Has a Refrigerant Leak

Air conditioners are closed systems, meaning once it is fully charged with refrigerant, it will remain so unless it develops a leak. And, a refrigerant leak is often the cause of a system turning on and off in rapid succession. The reason is because when the system is low on refrigerant, it also results in the condenser coils becoming frozen, which causes the entire system to overwork.

HVAC System is Too Big for the Home

Size is crucial in HVAC installations because if a system is installed that’s too big for the home, it can result in the system turning on and off too frequently. This occurs because the system is capable of cooling off the home very quickly. While this might seem like a good thing, it actually isn’t. HVAC systems are complex and designed to cool the home gradually. The right size system reduces the strain on the system and keeps energy bills under control.

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