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My Air Conditioner Got Flooded! What Should I Do?



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We live during a turbulent time, especially when it comes to the weather. It can be sunny and beautiful today while tomorrow can bring severe downpours, the risk of tornadoes, and even the threat of flooding. And, for many homeowners in Wilmington NC, flooding is a common risk.

With hurricane season in full force and the risk of flooding at an all-time high, knowing what to do in the event your air conditioner spends time underwater is important. Here is what you should do should you face such an event.

#1 – Turn off the power to the AC System

Water and electricity don’t mix and in most cases, the flood will cause the air conditioner’s circuit breaker to trip. But, don’t count on that happening automatically. In the event that it doesn’t trip, it could pose a serious risk. Turn off all of the breakers and disconnects serving your AC system, even if they’re already tripped. Turn them off and leave them off.

#2 – Wait for Everything to Dry Out

Just because the water’s receded doesn’t mean that it’s safe to turn the power back on to your AC system yet. You will want to wait for all of your equipment to dry out. Pump out any standing water and keep the area around the outdoor compressor as dry as possible.

#3 – Have the Equipment Inspected and Serviced

Even when the equipment is fully dry, it can still pose a danger to turn the power back on because the water may have caused some issues or problems within the equipment. You should schedule a service call from a local provider of AC service in Wilmington NC. This will enable a licensed technician to fully go over the inner workings of your system, including the wiring, to ensure the system is safe to operate. In the event that they system was underwater for an extended period of time, then the technician will also be able to inform you of your options, which may include repairing or replacing the system outright.

#4 – Replace Your System’s Air Filter

If the technician was able to restore your system after the flood, then you’ll still want to install a brand new air filter before using your air conditioner. This will help prevent flood-related contaminants from entering the home and help maximize your system’s efficiency as well.

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Homeowners should never try to clean and service their air conditioning systems after they were flooded. This can be highly dangerous. Instead, let your certified AC provider inspect, clean, and repair your system so you know it’s safe to operate.

Tidewater is one of the leading providers of heating and AC service Wilmington NC. For more than 42 years, we have been helping local businesses and home owners recover the use of their HVAC systems after flooding. We are fully-licensed and insured and we can help ensure that your cooling system is safe and optimized for use. Just call us today at 910-343-1234 to schedule our professional and courteous air conditioning service.