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Smarter Air Conditioning: Benefits of Wi-Fi Thermostats



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Benefits of Wi-Fi Thermostats

The heating and air conditioning industry is constantly changing. New technologies are always being introduced to the field with the intent on making homes more comfortable, easier to manage, and more affordable to own. One such advancement is the Wi-Fi thermostat.

Simply put, a Wi-Fi thermostat gives a homeowner the most advanced means of controlling their heating and air conditioning. In Wilmington NC, this device can reduce your energy consumption all while saving you money and without compromising your comfort.

The Benefits of Wi-Fi Thermostats

For years, HVAC professionals have recommended programmable thermostats as being one of the easiest ways a homeowner can control their heating and cooling bills. Today, Wi-Fi thermostats have replaced programmable thermostats because they do everything those older devices do, but better.

Wi-Fi thermostats offer several significant improvements over older, wired thermostats. For instance, they offer you the ability to control your home’s temperature from anywhere you can gain an Internet connection. This means that if you’re at work and you want to cool the house down for your dogs, all you have to do is log in and dial the temperature down a few degrees. Best of all, you can access your thermostat from any Internet-ready device because most models offer cross-platform applications. Simply download the appropriate app and you can operate your thermostat from anywhere right from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Wi-Fi thermostats also feature handy alerts that can inform you when the temperature in your home gets too hot or too cold. Alerts can even be configured to be delivered via text, email, or phone call. Some even offer the benefit of service reminders, such as notifying you when the air filter needs to be replaced or when your HVAC system needs servicing.

And, because your Wi-Fi thermostat is always connected to your home’s wireless Internet connection, it automatically updates itself whenever the manufacturer uploads a software upgrade. This ensures that your thermostat is always up to date and operating as fast and efficient as possible.

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If controlling your home’s energy usage is important to you, then having a Wi-Fi thermostat installed in your home offers you unlimited control from anywhere in the world. Call Tidewater Heating and Air Conditioning today and one of our skilled technicians can have your new wireless thermostat installed and working in no time. We are licensed and insured and we have been a trusted provider of AC service Wilmington NC for more than 41 years. Just call us today at 910-343-1234 and we’ll equip your home with the equipment you need for the most comfortable and energy-efficient home possible.