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9 Tips for Reducing Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer



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9 Tips for Reducing Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year, especially in a place like Wilmington NC where its beautiful beaches and islands attract thousands of vacationers every year. But, if there’s one thing nobody likes about summer it’s the expensive energy bills caused by constantly running air conditioning systems.

If you’re tired of your energy bills depleting your bank account every summer, then here are nine tips to help reduce your air conditioning costs from Tidewater air conditioning repair Wilmington NC.

Install Solar Screens

Solar screens are similar to mesh window screens, but with one exception – they’re specially designed to absorb as much as 70% of solar energy before it enters the home. Installing solar screens on your east- and west-facing windows will help keep the sun’s rays from penetrating into your home in the morning and late evening and this will help keep your interior cooler all throughout the day.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

If you like your home cool, then by all means set your thermostat to a temperature that you prefer. But, why keep the home that cool when you’re not home to enjoy it? Instead, use a programmable thermostat and set the temperature according to your schedule. For example, when you’re at work, program the thermostat to a higher temperature so the AC isn’t running as much when you’re away. Studies indicate that you can cut your utility costs by as much as 15% simply by programming your thermostat properly.

Use Fans More Often

Sometimes, it’s not the heat that’s bothersome, but rather the lack of air movement that’s the real problem. In cases like this, using a ceiling fan or even a floor fan will help circulate the air in your home so the cooler air near the floor displaces the warmer air up top. This will help make your home more comfortable and give your air conditioning a break.

Head Downstairs

A home’s lower levels can be as much as ten degrees cooler than its upper levels. Therefore, set up a comfortable living space downstairs where the family can enjoy themselves in the home’s natural coolness instead of making your primary living room upstairs, where it’s hot.

Don’t Use the Oven on Hot Days

On the hottest days, skip recipes that require you to boil water or use the oven. Both will spike the interior temperature and cause your air conditioning to run non-stop. Instead, make something using the microwave or better yet, stick to a cool, crisp, and healthy salad.

Turn Your AC’s Fan to Low on High Humidity Days

In most cases, your AC’s fan should be set to high, but on very humid days, setting it to low is recommended. The reason is because the air conditioner will be able to remove more moisture from the indoor air because the air is moving more slowly through the system and this will increase your home’s comfort.

Take a Cool Shower

If you’re sweating up a storm, try taking a cool shower. Once you’re out of the shower, your body will cool off naturally as the moisture dries from your skin. This is made even more effective by having fans running in the home.

Add More Shade Plants to Your Landscape

The more sun rays that enter your home, the hotter the interior is going to be. One of the most effective ways of intercepting the sun’s rays is by planting shade trees and plants on your home’s east and west sides. Plant shade shrubs around your AC unit outside and you can even improve its efficiency by as much as 10 percent.

Have Your Air Conditioning System Serviced or Replaced

If your AC system is old, then it is naturally going to take more electricity to run it. As a result, making the investment in a new, more energy-efficient system can have a drastic impact on your summer cooling bills. Or, at the very least, having your system serviced and repaired could help give you a noticeable improvement in your system’s efficiency.

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