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Tidewater Heating and Air Wilmington NC has been installing furnaces for over 40 years. We continue to use old fashion craftsmanship to install today’s high efficiency equipment. Tidewater provides you with all available options in heating equipment today, including heat pumps Wilmington NC.

Heating equipment primarily uses three different fuel sources: gas, electricity, and/or oil. You may have one or all of these available to you.

Gas Options

80+ AFUE Forced Air Gas Furnaces with multi speed and variable speed blowers

90+ AFUE Forced Air Gas Furnaces with multi speed and variable speed blowers

Multi Speed Blowers

These blowers are installed in furnaces and typically have 4 settings available: low, medium low, medium high, and high speed. The speed is set by the servicing technician to accommodate your needs. Most often the fan is set at a lower speed for heating and a higher speed for cooling.


These motors are “smart” motors and are available in selected furnaces and air handlers. The variable speed blower works in conjunction with other controls to adjust the required blower speed to your home’s heating and cooling requirements. On mild days, the blower will operate at lower speeds than on hotter and colder days. The lower blower speed results in quieter operation and better filtration of the air.


Gas Package Unit

Gas Boilers

Oil Boilers

Electric Option

Oil Options


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heat pumps Wilmington NC

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