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Multi-Speed Blowers Vs. Variable-Speed Blowers



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The blower motor in an HVAC system is the component that pushes the heated air through the ducts and into the living spaces of the home. While most homeowners don’t give their HVAC blower motor a second thought, the type you have in your system can actually have an effect on both your home’s comfort level and your heating bills.

Today, there are two primary types of blower motors found in modern HVAC systems – multi-speed blowers and variable-speed blowers. Here, Tidewater heating repair Wilmington NC explains the difference between the two.

Multi-Speed Blowers

Unlike older single stage furnaces, which operate in either a full-on or full-off mode, a multi-speed furnace offers two different heat settings. Approximately 80% of the time, the furnace blower will run on its low setting. But, during times of extreme temperature drops, the blower motor kicks into its high setting so it can deliver greater heating power when it’s called for.

A multi-speed blower furnace offers improved comfort and energy efficiency over the standard single stage furnace because it adjusts its heat output based on your demand. This type of HVAC system is low maintenance and, because it works on its lowest setting the majority of the time, very fuel efficient.

Variable-Speed Blowers

A furnace with a variable-speed blower incorporates “intelligent” technology that enables the furnace to adjust its heat output incrementally in real time according the heating needs of the home. Not only does this technology help improve the overall comfort of the home’s interior, but it can also be an important safety mechanism because it can alter the furnace’s operation in the event a duct becomes blocked or obstructed or certain vents are closed off.

The primary difference between a variable-speed and a multi-speed blower is that a multi-speed blower works on two heat settings (low and high), while a variable-speed blower increases or decreases in increments based on the demand for heat.

The primary advantages of a variable-speed furnace include greater energy efficiency, quieter furnace operation, and better indoor air quality (because the blower continues to run even when heat isn’t called for).

Which Type of Furnace is Right For You? Call Tidewater Heating Repair Wilmington NC

Both multi-speed blowers and variable-speed blowers offer excellent heat solutions and energy savings, but they do have their differences. In order to help ensure your home has the heating system it needs, call Tidewater heating repair Wilmington NC today.

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