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Heat Pumps

Efficiently heating your home or office.


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Heat Pumps Wilmington NC

Equipment Configurations — Package Heat Pump — Split Heat Pump

Heat Pumps are an efficient way to heat and cool your home or office. By utilizing the reverse cycle of cooling, you heat your home or office. In the Wilmington NC area, with our mild winters, this is Heat Pump Country. Get your heat pump Wilmington NC from us to keep you and your family comfortable.

There are two types of Heat Pumps. The most common is Air-to-Air Heat Pump, which utilizes the reverse cycle of cooling to heat your home or office. The Heat Pump extracts the heat from the outdoor air in the winter, then transfers the heat into the refrigerant, and circulates the hot refrigerant through the indoor coil. Thus, heating your home or office. You will utilize a back up auxiliary strip heaters when the temperature goes below 38 degrees, or when the Heat Pump goes into a defrost cycle. This generates the steam and moisture coming from the Heat Pump in the winter. We have numerous complaints each heating season but this is normal.

Another common Heat Pump is Water to Air Heat Pump. The heat transfer utilizes ground water either from a very good well or a combination of glycol antifreeze and water, circulating through a ground loop system in the ground. Generally, Water to Air Heat Pumps are more efficient, lasts longer, and quite a bit less noisy than an Air-to-Air Heat Pump. However, you have to have a good source of water, and a knowledgeable technician that understands Water to Air Heat Pumps. Over the years Water to Air Heat Pumps have gotten a bad name because of very poor installations. We have many happy customers with water to Air Heat Pumps.

Dual Fuel – This is where the Heat Pump and fossil fuel (gas) combine producing heat. Generally more expensive to install, the cost of operation is greatly reduced. The Heat Pump portion of the heating system runs until a predetermined temperature setting such as 38 degrees, then the fossil fuel (gas) kicks in and you have a much warmer feeling in your home or office.


heat pumps Wilmington NC

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