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Air Duct Cleaning FAQ


Air Duct Cleaning FAQ


If you have lived in your home for several years or you’re moving into an older home, then having the home’s air ducts cleaned and sanitized might be something you have considered having done. But, if you’re like most homeowners, you probably have some questions about it.

Here, Tidewater HVAC, providers of air duct cleaning Wilmington NC answers some of our most commonly asked questions.

Why are Clean Air Ducts Important?

A clean home and a safe indoor environment begins with having clean air ducts. But, most homeowners think that simply swapping out their air filter is enough. These same individuals are almost always surprised to learn that the quality of their indoor air can be as much as five times more polluted than the outside air – even with a brand new air filter installed. The reason? Filthy air ducts that are congested with dust, pollen, animal dander, mold spores, and other particulates. Since these allergens reside within the home’s network of ducts, they enter the indoor atmosphere every time the HVAC unit turns on. The only way to stop them from contaminating the indoor air is to remove them completely from the system.

How Does Mold Grow in the Ducts?

In order for mold spores to proliferate, they need the right combination of moisture, food, and a stable temperature. And, that’s exactly what the interior of your ducts provide. The environment in your home’s ducts is humid, but with a stable temperature because the job of the HVAC unit is to keep your home at a constant, comfortable temperature. The dust and dirt that make it past the air filter serve as the mold’s food source. The bad thing is mold doesn’t even have to be alive in order to affect one’s health. Even dead mold spores produce toxins that can cause short term allergic reactions in some people.

Will Air Duct Cleaning Lower My Energy Bills?

In cases where the ducts are very dirty, cleaning them out may have a positive effect on the home’s heating and cooling bills. The reason is because when HVAC components like the system’s fan blades, evaporator coil, other control components of the system, and the interior of the ducts are heavily contaminated, the system has to work harder and run longer to cool or heat the space. Clean ducts allow the air to flow more freely thus reducing strain on the overall system.

Which Parts of the HVAC System Get Cleaned?

In a professional air duct cleaning, three major parts of the air system are cleaned: the supply and return grills, the air handler, and the interior surfaces of the supply and return vents.

How Frequently Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

Once your system has been thoroughly cleaned by a professional, it should stay clean for three to seven years as long as you replace your air filter with a quality filter regularly and have your system serviced according to its recommended maintenance schedule. Having an EPA-registered biocide applied every six to twelve months by a professional will also help protect the ducts against biological growth.

What Causes Air Ducts to Get Dirty?

All air, inside and out, contains dust, pollen, dirt, and other particulates. And, over time, they can build up inside the nooks and crannies within your ducts. But, the dirt that collects in your ducts is actually comprised of much more than just airborne matter. It’s also made up of dead skin cells, pet dander, cooking smoke, household insect sprays, personal care products, and a host of other materials from products that get released into the air, such as chemicals contained within carpets, wood products, and plastics. All of these things and others eventually collect inside the air ducts where they can easily enter the indoor air any time the heat or air conditioning turns on.

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